Project Grain Debrief

The Project Grain Debrief from Forest & Wood Products Australia Limited.

Solid timber is well loved among both consumers and specifiers but has some significant weaknesses limiting its uptake including installed cost, skills shortage and perceived maintenance requirements.

These weaknesses are contributing to increased uptake of competitor materials including engineered timber, concrete and tiles.

The top decision making factors for specifiers revolve around durability, maintenance and aesthetics. For consumers durability is also key as is easy to clean and value.

Flooring retailers are the top purchase channel by a considerable margin and have a huge influence on consumer flooring decisions.

There is a strong aesthetic preference for Australian hardwood timbers, standard grade and wider boards among consumers.

Both audiences are receptive to a range of timber messages including fashion/trend resilience, refinishing and durability.

Download your copy of the Project Grain Debrief here. also available in PowerPoint format here.

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