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Why ATFA Training Works

“By investing continuously in training for our people we ensure we can continue to deliver technical assistance to our customers and keep them at the forefront of industry knowledge. A key partner in achieving this is the ATFA. Their courses are always informative, very practical and generally enable us to pin point areas where we want to develop the knowledge of our people. I recommend to anyone in the industry to commit to attending ATFA training sessions regularly to stay ahead of the game, understand best practice and develop their own knowledge base to gain a competitive advantage in the market place.”

Daniel Racine
National Sales Manager – Hardwoods

New Techniques Program

“We have forged many strong relationships with key industry members through attending ATFA training programmes, and this has enabled us to obtain a better understanding of the installation, sanding and finishing processes. As a hardwood flooring manufacturer, the ATFA New Installation & Techniques Training Program has helped our staff understand and get closer to the people who use our products. This has resulted in a better appreciation of the entire process and has seen us introduce a number of flooring product improvements to aid installers. ATFA training has been beneficial to our business and assisted us in developing, producing and suppling a better product to meet industry needs.”

Jacob Eldridge
General Manager

Floor Inspector Course

“The Floor Inspector Course is invaluable as it gives you the knowledge to look at your own work critically and realistically. The course offers examples and gives insight into a customer’s perspective. I would highly recommend the course as a must-do.”

Jim Hilston

“The Floor Inspector Course was a real eye opener for me. I finished it wishing so much that I had done the course years ago. An absolutely fantastic course that contains so much. You learn about the causes, and the problems to avoid that sometimes ‘mysteriously’ appear in floors. Any business that looks into problems with floors should only send employees that have done this course. No matter how long you’ve been in the industry you will be amazed at what this course can teach you. It’s just a ‘must-do’ for anyone in the timber flooring industry.”

Bruce Harris


Coatings Essentials Workshop

“A big thank you to AFTA for the recent Coatings Essentials Workshop held in Melbourne, it was very useful and greatly appreciated.”

Jarlath Weingott

Timber Grading

“Dave Hayward prepared well to understand and tailor things to allow us to appreciate where our own grading rules differ from others. He is also very good at demystifying what can be complex grading rules, and he also provides insight into the work he does when things go wrong. This allows us as a manufacturer to appreciate all parts of the process. All the reps that attended came away feeling more empowered to act and understand the stipulations of the Australian Standards and this was the aim, so we ticked all the boxes. We also have our own in house grading workshops, focussed on what we do, but by widening the audience and getting ATFA involved, we also better understand how other parts of the industry are acting in relation to grading and the differences at times are significant.“

Daniel Racine
National Sales Manager – Hardwoods

Assessing Timber Floors

“Your course has revolutionised the way we will run our business. I also now have the confidence to know I can really minimise errors.”

John Welsh

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