ATFA Insurance Inspection

Who is this Request for Inspection Portal for?

  • Insurance Companies
  • Insurance Builders
  • Insurance Assessors
  • Loss adjusters


  • The standard cost of inspection is $1450
  • Inspections outside 30mins from the inspectors location incur additional costs at .75c per km and $192.50/hr for additional time.

ATFA Inspections

  • Quality assured under ATFAs ISO 9001 Certification
  • ATFA inspections are impartial, comply with professional standards and a rigid conflict of interest policy
  • All ATFA accredited inspectors are fully trained under ATFA’s inspection system and ongoing professional development
  • All ATFA accredited inspectors hold their own Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • All reports are peer reviewed
  • ATFA inspectors invoice you directly
  • ATFA inspectors aim for a 10 working day turnaround, subject to having all information, access and payment prior to release of the report.

ATFA Insurance Inspection

  • Please complete the following formal agreement to activate your inspection.

    In the dropdown box choose either ‘No specific inspector’ or the inspector that you would like to undertake the inspection.

    If not specified our inspection co-ordinator will allocate an inspector according to the inspection location and inspector availability. If the inspector is not available or has a conflict of interest, you will be contacted.

  • Contact details of the person requesting the inspection

  • Invoicing details

  • Claim and details for the property to be inspected

  • Concerns to be assessed

  • Conditions of Inspection

    • ATFA Accredited Inspectors are bound by a National Code of Conduct and set of Operating Guidelines which require them to provide reports objectively and based on fact.
    • Inspectors act independently of all parties including the applicant commissioning the report.
    • Inspectors provide a technical report based on their observations, testing and analysis during the inspection conducted.
    • The Inspector is required only to report on the nature of the concern identified in this request.
    • The commissioning party acknowledges that the manufacturer, supplier, service provider and/or contractor, of the subject flooring to be inspected may be either an ATFA member or known to the Inspector and agrees that no conflict of interest exists by reason of such relationship
    • The Inspector may seek input from any other party (including service and product providers) to assist in determining the nature of the concern and where possible relevant parties involved will be notified of the inspection.
    • Every report is peer reviewed by ATFA prior to release for impartiality, accuracy, and quality purposes.
    • The commissioning party accepts that verbal comments made by the inspector regarding the flooring or practices used are not to be used as a record of the visit and only the written report may be relied on as the basis for any further discussions concerning the flooring.
    • The ATFA inspection report remains the property of ATFA and carries the protection of copyright. In some circumstances and at the discretion of the ATFA CEO, an ATFA inspection report may be provided to any third party (including the subject service provider, manufacturer, supplier, or contractor) if the ATFA CEO is of the opinion that it may assist in the resolution of a dispute, overcome an issue of misinformation or it is considered to be in the best interest of ATFA or the industry at large. The commissioning party expressly and irrevocably consents to ATFA releasing the inspection report in accordance with the above.
    • Please note: If a written contract exists between yourself and the service provider, it may contain a dispute resolution mechanism which could take precedence in law over the ATFA inspection process.
    • Important note: This document creates a legal contract for the delivery of a service which carries certain responsibilities for both parties.
    • Non-payment of an account may result in a claim for debt recovery costs (including legal costs on an indemnity basis).
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.