About ATFA

ATFA’s vision is to have ‘a timber flooring industry that is professional, flexible, transparent, all–inclusive and innovative in order to meet the expectations and demands of the greater community.’

Our mission is ‘to improve effectiveness, quality and competitiveness in the industry through a nationally industry driven organisation ensuring betterment for the industry, its members and respective clients.

These statements describe the strategic direction that the ATFA will take over the timeframe of the next ten years.

Through its vision and mission statements, the ATFA will aim to service the broad interests of the timber flooring industry as well as the specific interests of individual operators for the long term to ensure the sustained success of the industry, the organisation and its members.


Lyn Marafioti – President (WA)

Clayton Villars – Vice President (NZ)

Tony Kellman – Director (NSW)

John Hollis – Director (TAS)

Chris Northmore – Director (NZ)

Denis Gray – Director (QLD)

Mia Contos – Director (VIC)

George Zavras – Director (NSW)

Paul Rowbotham – Director (QLD)

Michael Harrison – Director (VIC)


Randy Flierman – CEO

David Hayward – Technical Manager

Josh Fielding – Training and Events Manager

Nick Warren – Comms Coordinator

If you are interested in finding out more about the Australian Timber Flooring Industry or contacting one of the directors, please email us or call us on 1300 36 1693.

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