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Consumer Information

The following consumer information is available for download from the Australian Timber Flooring Association. Click on the below sections to read more.

Owner Expectations for Completed Timber Floors

This information sheet outlines reasonable owner expectations for an onsite sanded and finished timber floor. This includes solid T&G flooring, parquetry and other flooring types that have been sanded and finished onsite or recoated. Download PDF

Floor Colour and Grade

There are many timber species used in timber floors which provide us with a rich array of colours and grain patterns. In some species the natural colours will be fairly consistent while in others there can be blend of colours and tones. Download PDF

Coating Choices

Timber Floor Coatings are your choice, so take care when choosing the coating that suits your needs! Download PDF

Timber Sustainability

When you choose timber, you are not only selecting a beautifully individual floor made from a renewable resource, you’re also making a positive impact on climate change. Download PDF

VOC Ratings

ATFA takes a stance on VOC ratings in coatings and adhesives. Recently, the Green Build Council of Australia (GBCA) set new targets for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in floor coatings and adhesives. To meet GBCA criteria coatings must contain less than 140 grams per litre of VOC, while adhesives must contain less than 100 grams per litre. While the ATFA welcomes target setting within reasonable timeframe. Download PDF

Disposal and Recycling

This document acts as guidance to assist contractors with the disposal or recycling of day to day waste products such as, Coating tins/drums, Abrasive materials, Adhesive containers, Flooring off–cuts, Clean dust and Re–sand dust. Download PDF

Timber Floor care

Caring for your timber floor Timber floors vary in ease of maintenance depending on the type of coating used and the severity of use and always greatly benefit from regular care. In doing so, the life of the floor finish and floor are greatly enhanced. Download PDF

Timbers for the Environment

When you choose timber, you are not only selecting a beautifully individual floor made from a renewable resource, you’re also making a positive impact on climate change. Download PDF

Life Cycle Assessment of Timber Floors

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an environmental impact assessment to determine the relative contribution of a timber product, such as timber flooring, within a building system (e.g. a residential home), from an environmental perspective. Download PDF

Compliance Guide for VOC

VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content is essentially the solvent content of a coating or adhesive product. The GBCA (Green Building Council of Australia) have issued guidelines for VOC emissions within buildings that may relate to the health impact on occupants, which ATFA is subsequently working with industry in an effort to achieve. Open pdf to read points advised. Download PDF

Acclimatisation of Solid T&G Flooring

Timber is a natural product and is hygroscopic in nature. That is, it responds to changes in weather conditions by taking up or giving off moisture so that its moisture content is in equilibrium with its surroundings. Download PDF

Timber Floor Hardness

The hardness of timber is not directly related to how hard or easy the timber is to work with various tools, but is a measure of the resistance of the wood to indentation. The hardness figures most commonly used are those obtained from the Janka test. Download PDF

Flood Inundated Timber Floor

This information is provided for guidance when a timber floor has been inundated with mud and silt laden water typical of what has occurred in Queensland in January 2011. Download PDF

Hardwood Species Names

This information sheet provides the common names and Botanical names for Australian Harwood Species. Download PDF

Hardwood Flooring Grades

The purpose of this information sheet is to outline what the AS2796 grading standard for hardwood flooring covers, explain the different types of feature that may be present in each of the AS2796 grades, explain manufacturer grades that differ from the AS 2796 grades and provide guidance on ATFA manufacturer grade names and their alignment to AS 2796 grades. Download PDF

Australian Consumer Laws

The following information sheet is an overview of new laws introduced January 1st 2011. The ACL is administered by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) nationally and by each State and Territory consumer agency. The new Australian Consumer Laws are a national policy and apply to all businesses – the ACL replace all previous State and Territory laws. Download PDF


Ghosting traditionally relates to the appearance of lightly coloured boot prints that appear in a floor finish, usually some considerable time after the floor was coated. Owners begin to see a lighter patch in the coating, confused at what this may be until it becomes more obvious forming into a boot print and then the question arises, who does it belong to? Not my foot size, not my type of footwear … so who does it belong to? Download PDF

Choosing a Timber Flooring System to suit you

You’d like a timber floor but think it might cost too much – think again! It might seem that carpet is a cheaper option, however, a solid timber floor will last a lifetime, it’s healthier, better for the environment, and let’s face it – a statement for your home! The timber floor may cost you more initially, but in ten years when you’re replacing carpet your timber floor is still going strong. Download PDF

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