If you want to conveniently have the ATFA website on the home screen of your Android device follow the instructions with visual aides below.

We recommend you add the ATFA members page as your ATFA home link. To do this start the below process here – https://www.atfa.com.au/login/?redirect_to=https://www.atfa.com.au/members-services/information-sheets/

Step 1. Open Chrome (red circle below) and browse to https://www.atfa.com.au/login/?redirect_to=https://www.atfa.com.au/members-services/information-sheets/.


Step 2. Hit your ‘Settings’ button on the bottom left of your phone and click the star (red circle below) to bookmark the page.


Step 3. Select where you want to save the bookmark and hit save (red circle below)


Step 4. Open up your bookmarks by pressing the ‘Settings’ button used earlier and navigate to bookmarks to see the screen below.


Step 5. Hold your finger down on the bookmark link until the menu comes up and click the ‘Add to home screen’ (red circle below).


Step 6. You should now have the ATFA link on your home screen as it is seen below.


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