ATFA is pleased to present some exciting workshops and courses in 2019.

Problems, Detections & Solutions workshop

Who is this for?

We have floors of many types – solid strip, parquetry, engineered, bamboo and laminate … and we also see many problems with floors of all these types. Why do these problems occur? Much of the time installation practices have been a significant factor and this can be attributed to insufficient knowledge about the product, inability to assess how the flooring will react after installation or at times the installer not adequately following installation instructions. However, at times product manufacturer has been influential and it is important to be able to understand when the manufacturer is a problem and when it is not.

This workshop will take you through a number of specific cases where floors have had problems, and in some cases, where the floor has needed to be replaced. By working through what went wrong, we can then work out how it could have been avoided. Your opportunity to be a ‘floor detective’. The photos below show one such floor where the particleboard buckled off the joists and the second photo shows the replacement floor. Why did the first floor fail and the second floor not fail, and is still performing well today.

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Problems, Detections & Soloutions workshop – Registration Dates

10 April Geelong VIC Register Here
28 May Christchurch NZ Register Here
18 June Perth WA Register Here
26 June Sydney NSW Register Here
18 September Ballina NSW Register Here
16 October Adelaide SA Register Here

Assessing Timber Floor Performance

Who is this for?

This course will assist in providing necessary timber flooring diagnostic skills, as well as considering ways to approach customers. The workshop gives participants the opportunity to share and discuss experiences, and just as importantly listen and learn from the experiences of others. The workshop provides fundamental information on the characteristics and performance of various flooring products; solid, bamboo, engineered.

Understanding the product and how it behaves in different environments is essential to being able to diagnose problems and then being able to offer a path where the client can be satisfied and pleased with their floor. The intent of the course is not only to provide you with a sound understanding of the behaviour of the different flooring products but importantly the practicalities of taking measurements correctly and then correctly interpreting what they mean.

The workshop, includes a series of examples that will provide practical ‘know how’ on taking measurements, using and understanding measurement equipment (including timber and concrete moisture measurement) and also how to assess the likes of sub-floors, whether this be joists, particleboard or a concrete slab.

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Assessing Timber Floor Performance – Registration Dates

16-17 July Melbourne VIC Register Here
9-10 October Auckland NZ Register Here
29-30 October Brisbane QLD Register Here

How to handle complaints and expectations

Who is this for?

The idea of “managing” expectations might make the process seem one-sided — as if you are trying to control what your customer thinks. But managing expectations is not about controlling customers; it is about setting you, your team, and your customers up for a successful and profitable partnership.

For the Timber Flooring Industry, this can be made more difficult by the complexity of our craft and the misinformation that floods the market place. This workshop aims to demystify some of these issues and unlock some key strategies for producing high quality projects that clients understand and appreciate.

In this workshop, we will investigate each stage of a flooring project and have a look at the key elements for managing the expectations of the people involved. The areas covered include:

  • Common motivations clients bring to a timber floor project
  • The specification and selections process
  • Scope development and pricing
  • Site preparation, the installation process and sanding and finishing if applicable
  • Completing contracts
  • Managing Disputes, Defects and Warranties

The aim of the workshop is to provide anyone involved in the Timber Flooring Industry with the knowledge and tools to communicate clearly with clients in order to increase customer satisfaction and reduce disputes and costly delays.

The workshop is ideally suited to those who are involved in the process of providing timber floors for their clients and where aspects of the project will need to be discussed with them along the way. In addition to this those that are ‘behind the scene’ can also benefit from an understanding of this important aspect that is needed to successfully run any business.

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How to handle complaints and expectations – Registration Dates

6 March Brisbane QLD Register Here
19 June Hobart TAS Register Here
17 July Auckland NZ Register Here
14 August Perth WA Register Here
22 October Melbourne VIC Register Here
12 November Sydney NSW Register Here

Timber Flooring Techniques Program

This course is the practical component of ‘Solid Timber Floors’ the ATFA industry standard. You will be trained in evaluation of the jobsite and the use of equipment and techniques, essential for high-quality outcomes. The success of a timber floor relates to knowing your product, knowing your installation environment, and then laying and coating accordingly.

This course offers practical implementation of the standard, to not only meet your obligations, but also to provide a high standard of workmanship to satisfy customer expectations. Contractors will benefit from working alongside skilled instructors, and those in supervisory or technical roles will learn the practical aspects needed for more effective liaison between contractor and client.

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Timber Flooring Techniques Program – Registration Dates

26-27 March Sydney NSW Register Here
4-5 June Brisbane QLD Register Here

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