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ATFA are pleased to present some exciting workshops and courses in 2017.

Undertaking Insurance Work

This year we will be running a workshop on Undertaking Insurance Work that is closely aligned with Assessing Timber Floors but with a greater emphasis on insurance repairs. Insurance related work is now an important part of business for many of us and where the ground rules can be a little different. So from an insurance perspective participants will gain greater insights into what causes floor related claims, the processes and associated costs, and also why communication and customer expectations are so important.

21-22 February Sydney NSW Register Here
28-29 March Adelaide SA Register Here
1-2 August Brisbane QLD Register Here
5-6 September Perth WA Register Here
4-5 October Hobart TAS Register Here

Assessing Timber Floor Performance

This course will assist in providing necessary timber flooring diagnostic skills, as well as considering ways to approach customers. The workshop gives participants the opportunity to share and discuss experiences, and just as importantly listen and learn from the experiences of others. The workshop provides fundamental information on the characteristics and performance of various flooring products; solid, bamboo, engineered. Understanding the product and how it behaves in different environments is essential to being able to diagnose problems and then being able to offer a path where the client can be satisfied and pleased with their floor. The intent of the course is not only to provide you with a sound understanding of the behaviour of the different flooring products but importantly the practicalities of taking measurements correctly and then correctly interpreting what they mean. The workshop, includes a series of examples that will provide practical ‘know how’ on taking measurements, using and understanding measurement equipment (including timber and concrete moisture measurement) and also how to assess the likes of sub-floors, whether this be joists, particleboard or a concrete slab.

Assessing Timber Floor Performance – Registration Dates

9-10 May Christchurch NZ Register Here
6-7 June Melbourne VIC Register Here
19-20 September Melbourne VIC Register Here
31-1 October/November Brisbane QLD Register Here

Site assessment practices

Many timber floors are laid in fairly stable conditions but this is not always the case. When timber floors are laid, we say that it is necessary to ‘know your product’, ‘know your environment’ and ‘lay accordingly’. One area where things can go terribly wrong relates to the external factors that can affect a floor, that we may have little control over but which we need to have corrected or be able to accommodate. Therefore ‘knowing your installation environment’ is so important and it is this area where site assessment is extremely important and what this workshop will focus on.

Site assessment practices – Registration Dates

14 March Brisbane QLD Register Here
11 April Perth WA Register Here
16 May Tasmania Register Here
20 June Sydney NSW Register Here
8 August Adelaide SA Register Here
12 September Auckland NZ Register Here
25 October Melbourne VIC Register Here