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ATFA is pleased to present some exciting workshops and courses in 2020 – all of these will be linked with the ATFA Diploma of Timber Flooring.

By successfully completing these workshops, you are meeting one of the diploma requirements.

Understanding pre-finished products & Installation methods

Who is this one day course for?

Many floors are installed using pre-finished products including engineered, laminate and bamboo. Often with these floors, floating floor systems are used as such products are designed to have greater dimensional stability than solid timber, which needs to be mechanically or adhesive fixed. Both engineered and bamboo floors can also be adhesive fixed although the preference with bamboo is now usually for them to be floated. There are many aspects that still need to be considered when laying these products in either floating or stick down applications.

This workshop is designed to provide a balance between knowledge and practical application. Aspects relating to the manufacture, product construction and jointing systems, and how these influence product performance is covered. There are also a number of international standards that are applicable to these products that those using these products should be aware of. The workshop will discuss the do’s and don’ts of installation and in particular a sound knowledge of subfloors, moisture vapour barriers, underlays, expansion allowance and where to put expansion trims. Some applications such as high rise apartments where noise can be a problem require special consideration and topics such as the ability to re-coat and maintain these products is included.

Click here to download and read more info on the course.

Event dates:

11 March Brisbane QLD Register Here
22 April Adelaide SA Register Here
17 June Hobart TAS Register Here
5 August Perth WA Register Here
30 September Auckland NZ Register Here

Wood and Vinyl based flooring – Understand the differences

Who is this one day course for?

There was once a time when you could look at a floor and say yes, that’s a nice timber floor.  Now you often have to look twice, and then again, and even with a third look many would still not be sure what the flooring was. With the vast array of product types now available, from engineered to laminate, LVT to SPC and others, we need to know both a product’s strengths and weaknesses, to ensure floor performance. Installation methods may appear similar but do differ, and we see mistakes and problems resulting from installers not having sufficient understanding of product characteristics. If you need to know more about these products, make sure you register for ATFA’s first online workshop.

ATFA 2 hour online workshop 12pm – 2pm AEST

Event date: 

 29th April                                                                Online                                                                      Register Here

Timber Flooring Techniques Program – Pre-finished

 Who is this two-day program for?

When laying prefinished timber floors, we have many resources at our disposal including the ATFA industry standards and QA Checklists. This course provides the practice side to accompany these essential documents. The success of a timber floor relates to knowing your product, knowing your installation environment, and then laying accordingly. This course offers practical implementation of the standards, to not only meet your obligations, but also to provide a high standard of workmanship to satisfy customer expectations.

There are many techniques used these days to ensure high standards of installation and appearance, and products are continuing to change. It is important that we are up to date with these. The program will be run with some of the best installers within Australia who will demonstrate and get you involved in the techniques they have refined over the years.

Click here to download and read more info on the course.

Event dates:

10 & 11 November Melbourne VIC Register Here


 Who is this two-day workshop for?

The intent of the course is not only to provide you with a sound understanding of the behaviour of the different flooring products but importantly the practicalities of taking measurements correctly and then correctly interpreting what they mean. The workshop includes a series of examples that will provide practical ‘know how’ on taking measurements, using and understanding measurement equipment (including timber and concrete moisture measurement) and also how to assess the likes of sub-floors, whether this be joists, particleboard or a concrete slab.

Click here to download and read more info on the course.

Event dates:

27 & 28 October Sydney NSW Register Here

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