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Why You Should Use Australian Timber Flooring Species

  • The range and warmth of colours is simply amazing
  • The character and look are unique and unmatched
  • More tougher and durable than most other products
  • A lifecycle analysis of 100 years
  • Strong fire rating capacity for most species
  • Sustainable, produced from carefully managed Australian forests
  • Complies to Australian manufacturing standards
  • ATFA audited and accredited producers
  • Timber stores carbon for life
  • Healthy, natural and easy to clean
  • Not only affordable, an investment that adds value to your home
  • An age old timber floor tells a story
  • When you install a timber floor, you do it once and it should last forever!
  • Contact an ATFA member timber flooring contractor, supplier or retailer today or visit an ATFA member manufacturer website – contacts available at

Information Sheets

Life Cycle Assessment of Timber Floors, 16 July 2009 Download PDF
COC Timber Certification, 14 July 2009 Download PDF
Energy efficiency for Timber Floors, 6 October 2010 Download PDF
Timber Floor Hardness, 6 October 2010 Download PDF
Fire Properties of Commercial Timber Floors, 6 October 2010 Download PDF
Timber for the Environment, 10 February 2009 Download PDF
Hardwood Flooring Grades, 18 Oct 2013 Download PDF
Hardwood Species Names, 5 Oct 2011 Download PDF

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