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For three generations the Hurfords family has specialised in the production of high quality Australian hardwood flooring products.

Situated in Northern NSW the company is positioned perfectly to distribute its range of flooring to any state in Australia or to any port for shipment anywhere around the world.

Hurfords mill a comprehensive range of native hardwood timbers that provide a broad spectrum of colour choices for your timber requirements.

Working closely with ATFA, Hurfords are committed to continually developing new procedures and upgrading milling equipment to enhance performance of our products in the market place as well as the development of new products to compliment our existing range.

Hurford Hardwood and the Environment

Hurford Hardwood is committed to our forests, our community and our future.

Underpinning our commitment is an ambitious hardwood reforestation project in the local area where we have purchase over 5000 hectares of land and have commenced a planting program that will see more than 25000 new plantation eucalypt saplings established each year.

Amenity plantings are included in every Hurford Hardwood planting operation. Never to be harvested, these mixed species trees are established on creek banks for soil protection and to complement designated natural regeneration areas to provide additional corridors of native forest.

Hurford Hardwood source a proportion of timber from private native forest with the balance procured from State Forestry which is certified under the Australian Forestry Standards Chain of Custody. (AS4707 – 2006)

Hurford Hardwood insist that all timber produced from these forests is done so under the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Forest Management, a system developed to sustain the full range of commercial and conservation values of the natural forest diversity within ecological limits, for current and future generations.

861 is Blackbutt 180mm x 21mm Rustic grade

972 is Brushbox 180mm x 14mm Select grade

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