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 Product Supplier/Distributor 
 Acoustic Floors 
 Commercial Flooring 
 Bamboo Installer 
 Commercial Cleaning and Restoration 
 Concrete Preparation 
 Cork Floor Installer 
 Floating Floor Installer 
 Floor Demolition & Removal 
 Floor Installer 
 Floor Preparation 
 Floor Sander & Polisher 
 Industry Training Organisation 
 Laminate Installer 
 Loss Adjuster 
 Parquetry Installer 
 Product Manufacturer 
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 Sports Floor Installer 
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 Timber and Concrete Floor Drying 
 Water Damage Remediation and Assessment 
  Mould Assessment and Remediation 
  Surface Repairs 

ATFA is the professional national body for the Australian timber flooring industry, working to help your business to be more profitable, professional and promoted.

Joining is easy, just a one-off registration and an ongoing annual investment.

ATFA has two types of membership for you to choose from:

Contractor Membership or Industry Partner.

ATFA Apprentice membership is free for the duration of the applicant's apprenticeship term and thereafter is payable as an ATFA contractor membership or industry partner membership. 

Please contact to register, your Apprentice number and company who you are contracted to must be contained in the email.

Contractor Member - 501.44 AUD per 12 months - for 1 time.
Contractor Member subscription
Prime Contractor Member - 1007.94 AUD per 12 months - for 1 time.
Prime Contractor Member subscription
Premium Contractor Member - 3342.90 AUD per 12 months - for 1 time.
Premium Contractor Member subscription
Industry Partner - 704.04 AUD per 12 months - for 1 time.
Industry Partner subscription
Blue Industry Partner - 1311.84 AUD per 12 months - for 1 time.
Blue Industry Partner subscription
Silver Industry Partner - 3748.10 AUD per 12 months - for 1 time.
Silver Industry Partner subscription
Gold Industry Partner - 6584.50 AUD per 12 months - for 1 time.
Gold Industry Partner subscription
Platinum Industry Partner - 11143.00 AUD per 12 months - for 1 time.
Platinum Industry Partner subscription

Platinum and Gold Patron members are exempt from standard membership fees while their contribution is current.

Customised membership packages are available. Please contact ATFA to discuss franchise membership packages and fees.

Terms and Conditions of ATFA Membership

By taking out membership with ATFA, you agree to the terms and conditions of membership set out below.

Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics

As a member of the Australasian Timber Flooring Association Ltd, the member agrees to uphold the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics, according to the following conditions:
  • To conduct my business with customers and provide products and services with honesty, integrity, fairness, value and competence;
  • To promote the merits of the products I use and the services I provide without degrading competitors;
  • To ensure that all the products and services I provide are delivered as advertised and that all claims made are genuine;
  • To provide all the facts about the materials I use so that the truth about my products and services may be fully understood;
  • To ensure that the standard of product or service delivered to the customer is provided as promised and in accordance with industry practice and in a manner which shall enhance the reputation of the industry;
  • To abide by all relevant Governmental legislation, regulations, codes, standards and by-laws;
  • To support the ATFA and its goals and purposes towards advancing the Timber Flooring Industry;
  • To ensure compliance with this Code by all other members of my organisation, to the extent that this Code applies to them;
  • To abide by this Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics and recognise the ATFA as the authority in all matters relating to the interpretation and enforcement of this Code, within prevailing legal limits; and 
  • To avoid any action which may bring the ATFA and its members into disrepute.
Member Indemnity
  1. I acknowledge that by becoming an ATFA member there is no joint venture or partnership created between myself and ATFA and I do not obtain any proprietary interests in the assets of ATFA.
  2. I agree to inform ATFA of any legal proceedings commenced against me during my membership with ATFA and I acknowledge that my membership with ATFA will be automatically terminated in the event specified under Rule 12A of the ATFA Constitution. I further acknowledge that ATFA may terminate my membership without notice if in the sole opinion of ATFA, I am in breach of the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics or I am in breach of any warranty given.
  3. I agree to indemnify ATFA from all claims, losses, costs and damages which are made against ATFA arising from my insolvency, breach of contract or negligence.
Membership Agreement

The member hereby agrees to be an active member of ATFA and abide by the ATFA Constitution (available at the ATFA website) and the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics (as above). In addition, I agree to waive any legal rights I may have to sue any officer or director of ATFA for mismanagement, malfeasance or negligence arising from any act or failure to act while an officer or director is acting in his or her capacity as an officer or director of ATFA. I understand that by providing the information in this application, I consent to receive communication from ATFA, via mail, email, telephone, text message or facsimile and agree to my business name, contact person, phone number and location(s) being listed on the ATFA website. I acknowledge that ATFA will manage personal information in accordance with its privacy policy available on the ATFA website.


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