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ATFA Diploma of Timber Flooring Technology


Diploma of Timber Flooring technology

Diploma - Sounds fancy - what is it?

The ATFA Diploma in Timber Flooring Technology gives you the recognition of the skills and experience you have in the industry…

You may already have completed the training...

Many of you will have already completed much of training requirements with the ATFA courses you have attended…

Who else has done it?

Many ATFA inspectors, trainers and board members have completed the diploma.  Go on, give it a try – it really isn’t as hard as it sounds!



“The main reason that I completed the diploma was that it gave me recognition of my skills and experience in the timber flooring industry.

I’m a huge advocate for training and learning, pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.”

Clayton Villars, Handley Industries, ATFA Board Member

the diploma recognises the training you have already undertaken and encourages you on a path of life long learning

The ATFA Diploma in Timber Flooring Technology combines three different training aspects seen as being essential to having broad and sound understanding of tuimber flooring.  You need to have completed each of these to obtain the diploma.


Theory of timber flooring

Assessing Timber Floor Performance


Online training (successful completion of 15 modules)


Cert 111 in Flooring Technology

Practice in timber flooring

Timber Flooring Techniques Program


Cert 111 in Flooring Technology


Ongoing learning

Attended 2 x workshops (ATFA or other approved industry related of least 4 hours duration)


1 x ATFA Timber Flooring Week or similar ATFA event


Attend 2 x ATFA trade nights


(in the past 3 years) Attend 3 x ATFA Webinars

Have you completed?

If you have completed the above and wish to apply for the diploma then CLICK HERE for the attached form where you need to provide confirmation of the training undertaken.

Not there yet? The links below will take you to the training needed to complete your diploma.

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