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Member Accreditation

Industry Awards & Dinner

Trade Nights

Future Leaders Scholarship

A simple application process with robust guidelines puts you ahead of the pack! Give it a try, you won’t regret it. Industry awards nights are the premier event of the year which gives the opportunity to showcase your great work in a range of award options. Dinner provides a celebration for the industry you shouldn’t miss. All the manufacturers and suppliers exhibiting in one place at one time, great speakers, food and drink, all for free! Catch up with everyone and pick up some great tips and specials. Developing and identifying the future leaders of the industry, offering $5,000 in prizes annually to the winner.

Member Phone App

Training Workshops & Webinars

Online Training

Industry Diploma

All the ATFA information at your fingertips on your mobile phone. For easy and quick reference, simply download the ATFA app. Affordable 1 and 2-day workshops and free webinars on a range of relevant topics – increase profitability, efficiency and professionalism. In difference to webinars, you can do ATFA online training modules any time, any place. Extremely affordable self-paced learning and assessment, that helps achieve the Diploma. Obtain the highest recognition in the industry and use that to promote your excellence! A combination of face to face workshops, online training and more.

Apprentices & Trainees

Social Events

Social Media

Technical & Business Info

Help ensure the industry’s future by employing an apprentice, pass on your experience and everything you’ve learned. Great networking opportunities and a sensational reward for your staff to enjoy a day or evening of great enjoyment – it’s an amazing stress reliever! Keep in touch with the voice of industry, follow ATFA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and participate in ATFA Facebook Club for news, trading and technical know-how. All the technical and essential business information you need in your member kit and sent weekly, a vast array of manuals and information sheets.

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