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ATFA Membership Accreditation

Members can obtain membership at levels 1 to 3, a members with 0 on their member card, have not yet obtained accreditation.

Level 1 member accreditation (for contractors) reflects the member business has achieved ‘Authorised Flooring Contractor’ status and will be able to provide an official job quote, contract and warranty for the project.

Level 2 member accreditation (for contractors) reflects the member business has achieved ‘Master Flooring Contractor’ status. In addition to having a proper quote, contract and warranty, the business also participates in training and completes quality assurance documentation for every job.

Level 3 member accreditation (for contractors) is the highest level and the business holds the status of ‘Quality Assured Contractor’. At this level members must assure a complete quality outcome of the project. Businesses with this level of accreditation will meet all the requirements of the previous two levels plus participate in a greater level of training to meet compliance. Upon any realistic concern raised with the project, the member will organise an ATFA inspection. A full audit of the business and its operating procedures is conducted to achieve this level.

Use this link to learn more: Download your copy of the 2015 Application Accreditation of Contractor Businesses here.

How to get Member Accreditation – for Members

Many ATFA members realise just how much their Member Accreditation helps them grow their business.

Achievement of accreditation positions you well in the marketplace, as consumers recognise the levels shown on the ATFA website under the ‘Find a Member’ section, so it’s well worthwhile doing. Hopefully that means more consumers contacting you!

After lengthy consultation, ATFA moved to a new accreditation system at July 1st 2015. The previous 7 tier accreditation system was replaced and members are now required to convert over to the new system.


Level 1 and 2 accreditation is free, level 3 involves an investment of $1100, which provides 5 years accreditation.

You can complete the application forms here;

Accreditation form Contractor Business Level 1

Accreditation form Contractor Business Level 2

Accreditation form Contractor Business Level 3


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