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ATFA members have access to the latest industry standards, technical expertise, business advice, recognition and training. ATFA is the leading body of the Australian timber flooring industry using local professionals with world class standards. ATFA is a key part of our members’ support network.

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Info for Consumers

ATFA offers a FREE service to help consumers make the best decisions about their timber floor. The ATFA website will locate a professional (member) nearby, arrange a quote and the right advice. Natural Timber Flooring is more energy efficient, a sustainable resource and looks better than any other flooring surface. Please ensure someone stating they are a ATFA member or even displaying our logo, is actually listed in the ATFA member directory.

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Platinum & Gold Members

ATFA has two types of membership for you to choose from – Standard Membership or Patron Membership

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The Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) is the peak body for timber floors and timber flooring representing contractors, manufacturers and suppliers nationwide.

ATFA is a member based timber flooring association which provides information and services to its members and the community.

As an association, ATFA is predominantly made up of timber flooring contractors, as well as timber flooring manufacturers, coating manufacturers, adhesive manufacturers and suppliers of these products.

Timber Floors represent 25% of the flooring market currently and this figure is increasing steadily.

Natural timber flooring arguably is more energy efficient than other surfaces, uses less energy and green house gases in its production* and is a sustainable resource. Wood floors are natural warm and enticing, providing a relaxing and calming environment, when cared for will last a lifetime. *(source: CRC for Greenhouse Accounting)