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ATFA are pleased to present some exciting  courses in 2016.

Get excited because our premier training course the Timber Flooring Techniques Program will be held in New Zealand and Perth and the very popular Assessing Timber Floor Performance is available in three locations during 2016.

Timber Flooring Techniques Program

This hands on program introduces some of the best installers, sanders and finishers within Australia who will demonstrate and get you involved in the techniques they have refined over many years as well as acquired from our US counterparts.

As the name suggests you will participate in various activities including timber flooring installation, sanding and finishing, repairing and recoating. This program is not one to teach you what you already know, as the title suggests, it aims to provide you with alternate techniques, as well as specialist methods you can quickly learn and apply every day.

This team of instructors have successfully been conducting this course for several years and the feedback is amazing. Their style of delivery and the way they get you involved is exhilarating.

Timber Flooring Techniques Program

24-26 May Auckland NZ Register Here

Assessing Timber Floor Performance

This course will assist in providing necessary timber flooring diagnostic skills, as well as considering ways to approach customers. The workshop gives participants the opportunity to share and discuss experiences, and just as importantly listen and learn from the experiences of others. The workshop provides fundamental information on the characteristics and performance of various flooring products; solid, bamboo, engineered. Understanding the product and how it behaves in different environments is essential to being able to diagnose problems and then being able to offer a path where the client can be satisfied and pleased with their floor. The intent of the course is not only to provide you with a sound understanding of the behaviour of the different flooring products but importantly the practicalities of taking measurements correctly and then correctly interpreting what they mean. The workshop, includes a series of examples that will provide practical ‘know how’ on taking measurements, using and understanding measurement equipment (including timber and concrete moisture measurement) and also how to assess the likes of sub-floors, whether this be joists, particleboard or a concrete slab.

Assessing Timber Floor Performance – Registration Dates

24-25 August Sydney Register Here
31 August – 1 September Brisbane Register Here
25-26 October Auckland NZ Register Here


Pre-Finished Products Installation Rules

Pre-Finished Products Installation Rules is a one day workshop.

Delivered by ATFA instructor Peter King, this workshop covers vital elements of pre-finished product installation, including:

  • Workshop details pending.

Prefinished Products Installation Rules

8 March Brisbane Register Here
13 April Perth Register Here
17 May Tasmania Register Here
31 May Sydney Register Here
3 August Adelaide Register Here
28 September Auckland NZ Register Here
26 October Melbourne Register Here

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