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  • Your inspection request will proceed straight to our inspection co-ordinator, who will allocate an inspector according to the inspection location and inspector availability. If you have a preferred inspector, please state here (subject to their availability and no conflict of interest).

  • Your request for an inspection will be sent to an inspector and you will be contacted within 24 hours. If you have not been contacted within 48 hours, please phone Bronwyn Harmer on 0406 282 217.

  • Contact details of the person requesting the inspection

  • Invoicing details

  • Claim and details for the property to be inspected

  • Concerns to be assessed

    • Conditions of Inspection ATFA Accredited Inspectors are bound by a National Code of Conduct and set of Operating Guidelines which require them to provide reports objectively and based on fact.
    • Inspectors are independent of all parties including the applicant commissioning the report, they provide a technical report and do not apportion blame.
    • Every report is to be checked by ATFA.
    • The Inspector is required only to report on the nature of the concern identified in this request.
    • The inspector may seek input from any other party (including service and product providers) to assist in determining the nature of the concern and where possible relevant involved parties will be notified of the inspection.
    • The applicant accepts that verbal comments made by the inspector regarding the floor or practices used are not to be used as a record of the visit and only the written report is an acceptable tool for any further negotiations.
    • An ATFA inspection report carries the protection of copyright, in some circumstances and at the discretion of the ATFA CEO, a completed report may be provided to an alternate or third party if it is perceived the release of the report may assist in the resolution of a dispute, overcome an issue of misinformation or it is considered to be in the best interest of ATFA or the industry at large.
    • Please note: If a written contract exists between yourself and the service provider, it may contain a dispute resolution mechanism which could take precedence in law over the ATFA inspection process.
    • Important note: This document creates a legal contract for the delivery of a service which carries certain responsibilities for both parties.
    • Non payment of an account may result in a claim for debt recovery costs.
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