J. Notaras & Sons have been producing high quality green sawn and kiln dried timber products for over 60 years.
We are a Family owned and operated business employing local people and supporting our local area.

We pride ourselves as one of the largest suppliers of kiln dried hardwood appearance grade timber in Australia with a wide product range including T&G flooring, Pencil round timber decking, furniture timber, structural timbers, large end section kiln dried step material and our own unique laminated hardwood for internal use: Eco-Lam.

The products produced by J. Notaras & Sons are used for Domestic, commercial and renovation markets and are distrib-uted around Australia and the world by timber merchants and resellers

Flooring Products

Notaras Hardwood Flooring has a vast range of Australian hardwood species. Each specie is available in 3 different grades to suit you individual taste in natural feature within the floor. Select grade has minimal natural feature, Stand-ard Grade has more natural feature and Pioneer Grade has the most natural feature. All our flooring products are grad-ed to meet the Australian Standard for Kiln Dried hardwood products (AS 2796).

Products include:

  • Solid wood 19mm thick T&G Flooring in cover widths of 40mm, 60mm 80mm and 130mm.
  • Solid Wood overlay 12mm thick T&G Flooring with a cover width of 80mm.
  • Notaras Block Parquetry in 14mm and 19mm thickness.
  • Notaras “Superwood” Large end section step material in 35mm and 45mm thickness.
  • Notaras “Eco-Lam” laminated hardwood for internal use as well as window and furniture construction.


All Notaras products are produced from material sourced from sustainably managed forests and legally supplied by Forests NSW from forests harvested within the Northern NSW area. Certification to the Australian Forestry Standard – AS 4708:2007 which is a recognised sustainable standard as audited by the international Programme for Endorse-ment of Certification Scheme (PEFC).


Head Office: J. Notaras & Sons Pty Ltd

P.O.Box 228 Grafton, NSW 2460
Phone: 02 66423477
Fax: 02 66427013

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