2016 ATFA Timber Flooring Week Invite

Would your corporation like to joining in Timber Flooring Week?  You’ll be aware that the notion of an expo just hasn’t delivered for our industry and is a concept lots of other industries are also walking away from.  As a consequence, and to deliver a more high-impact, low cost alternative, we’re organising ‘Timber Flooring Week’.  In simple terms, it’ll be a number of small events laid on by individual companies but run in the same few days in July (20th -23rd) in Melbourne.  Several slots in the program are already booked by companies (see the blank schedule below for suggested times), but we’re accepting two companies per slot to give members a choice of events so most time slots are still available.

The type of event a company puts on is of its own choosing and might be practical, hands on-demonstrations; seminars; mini-expos of their products and latest releases; private trade sales.  There are also opportunities for companies to lay on social events at the conclusion of each working day (Wed, Thu or Fri).  Companies use their own premises for each event.  ATFA promotes the full program of events and participants choose which events to attend depending upon their interests/business focus. Registration will be direct with each company so you can manage numbers – all we ask is that you let us know when you’re at capacity so that we can update the program.

Some of the other features include:

  • ATFA’s role is one of upfront planning of the overall event, scheduling and coordination, branding and promotion through its magazine, bulletins, emails, Facebook, blogs and more
  • Participating companies will also promote the week to their stakeholders using a unique ‘Timber Flooring Week’ logo which is linked to a dedicated webpage on ATFA’s website that promotes the full program of events.
  • Companies will directly benefit from participation of other companies.  The greater the number and spectrum of events, the more contractors from the industry at large will be in attendance.
  • ATFA will fill the schedule in reverse order (Friday and Saturday likely to be most popular), on a first in best positioned basis.  ATFA will also consider the geographic spread of events to ensure the logistics are viable for participants travelling between companies.
  • There is no fee or charge to be involved in Timber Flooring Week.  The only outlay is whatever you choose to spend on your own event and there are lots of ways they can be run for little or no outlay – I’m happy to talk through various approaches.
  • The week culminates in the national awards dinner on the evening of 23rd July so companies will also leverage off that attendance.

The Schedule

  Wednesday, July 20th 2016 Thursday, July 21st 2016 Friday, July 22nd 2016 Saturday, July 23rd 2016 Sunday, July 24th 2016
Events Industry arrives in Melbourne
8am: 8am: 8am: Go to the football, go shopping, or have a leisurely Melbourne breakfast and head home!
10am: 10am: 10am:
1pm: 1pm: 1pm: 1pm:
3pm: 3pm: 3pm: 4pm: Time out to relax and get ready for the dinner
Evenings e.g. sponsored dinners or cocktails 7pm: 7pm: 7pm: 7pm: ATFA Gala Awards Dinner


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