Adelaide - Pre-finished Products & Installation Methods - ATFA
  • October 26, 2021
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Who is this one day course for?

Many floors are installed using prefinished products including engineered, laminate and bamboo. Often with these floors, floating floor systems are used as such products are designed to have greater dimensional stability than solid timber, which needs to be mechanically or adhesive fixed. Both engineered and bamboo floors can also be adhesive fixed although the preference with bamboo is now usually for them to be floated. There are many aspects that still need to be considered when laying these products in either floating or stick down applications.

This workshop is designed to provide a balance between knowledge and practical application. Aspects relating to the manufacture, product construction and jointing systems, and how these influence product performance is covered. There are also a number of international standards that are applicable to these products that those using these products should be aware of. The workshop will discuss the do’s and don’ts of installation and in particular a sound knowledge of subfloors, moisture vapour barriers, underlays, expansion allowance and where to put expansion trims. Some applications such as high rise apartments where noise can be a problem require special consideration and topics such as the ability to recoat and maintain these products is included.

So what are the contractor’s responsibilities when it comes to installing these types of floor? What are the rules that need to be followed? When it comes to laying floors it is essential to know the product characteristics, be able to assess the installation environment and then lay the flooring taking these aspects into consideration. Common problems do occur and the workshop not only covers many of these issues but also what is required to assess and address them.

The course is ideally suited to sales personnel/representatives who are selling these products and newer contractors involved with the installation of engineered, bamboo and laminate flooring. Others keen to gain further product knowledge will also benefit from this course.

More specifically the workshop will cover:

 Product characteristics and knowing how they differ

 Standards – International and Australian industry standards

 Installation as a floating floor

 Installation by direct adhesive fix

 Use in high rise applications

 Maintaining and refurbishing floors

 Installation and product concerns

 Case studies

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