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    September 6, 2018
    9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Colour changes with in-service floors

When buying a floor, one of the main decisions relates to colour and with many having the expectation that any changes in colour over time will be gradual and un-noticeable. However, colour change can be quite rapid and dramatic, and is a significant cause for customer complaint. It is easy to say that the timber changes colour or this coating does not yellow, but irrespective we need to recognise that some combinations of timber species and coating can result in radical colour change, while with other combinations the effect is far less dramatic. How open are we about this? There are also many other colour related ‘surprises’ that owners also complain about. These include development of coating marks in sealers under coatings, ghosting, effect of LED lighting, staining and sticker marks. All these relate to changes in the visual appearance and colour of the floor. This is a problem that we need to discuss from an industry perspective and this forum provides your opportunity to contribute.



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