• July 10, 2018
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

ATFA Employer Business Compliance workshop:

The workplace obligations of employers and contractors become bigger and more complex everyday- Owners, directors, decision makers and senior managers, (including HR personnel and external advisors like Accountants, Bookkeeper, and even Lawyers) are all caught up in the web.

Know your employer rights and obligations; protect your assets – get it right from the beginning.

These one day Long workshops are designed for you and your business. Come and learn, get information, be informed and know who to turn to for help
Low cost high reward – choose a day and check out the topics below:

Introducing the Fair Work Act
Obligations of the Employer/Employees.
What isn’t covered by the Act.

National Employment System – define

Sham Contracting
What is a Sham Contract?
How to comply with National Employment Standards ES and avoid Sham contracting.
How to tell the difference between an employee and a contractor.

Termination procedures and obligations (Bullet Proof Terminations)
Consultation with parties, warnings, show cause letter, employer/employee obligations, high income threshold, who is covered by UFD laws etc.

Management of unsatisfactory work performance
Saving $$ following the appropriate processes – provide handbook and checklist.
What constitutes as reasonable management action compared to bullying/harassment/intimidation.

Record keeping
how long records must be kept for (7 years) compared to ATO requirements (of 4 years)
What records must be kept and the details required (for example – payslips need the employers ABN).

Discuss whether an SEA would be more appropriate for the business, rather than operating under an award – pros and cons – why an SEA? Difference between an Award and SEA

Discuss accessorial liability, and what that may mean for Directors/Office Holders/Decision makers.

The Vulnerable Workers Act and its (dramatic) impact on contractors and or franchisees/franchisors.

Tax/Super obligations
Tax rate in %, and Superannuation in % (Do they know whether super is included in an employee’s annual salary or is it an extra sum of money?)
Tax and Super rates for contractors.

Calculating leave – Annual/Sick/Carers/Long service

Maternity leave obligations of employer/employee (See small Business Fair Dismissal Code 2011)
12 months employment in a small business (15 staff and under) to be eligible for unpaid maternity leave.

Investigations – your role as HR Manager/Employer/Employee
Obligations and rights of all parties.

Discrimination – Gender/Disability/Age/Religion/Being pregnant/Sexuality etc
What constitutes as discrimination?
How to deal with, and prevent, discrimination.

Fair Work Information Statement – (provide a copy)
Penalties (for the company and individual) for not supplying the statement to an employee upon commencement of their employment.

Contracts of employment
What they need to include (termination clause/rate of pay etc).
How often do they need to be reviewed.

Types of Policies and what they cover.
What they need to include.
How often do they need to be reviewed.

Additional Featured Topic:
National/State/Territorial Rights for fair and equitable payments for Contractors.
This session includes will include detailed handouts, question and answer session and practical advice on ensuring you get paid for the work you do.



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